Sam Calisch, Phd

Hi there, I'm Sam. I'm an engineer and scientist developing manufacturing technologies aimed at the electrification and decarbonization of our economy. I founded and run Elmworks and Foli Research, and am a fellow at Activate. I also work with Rewiring America on energy policy.

I recently completed my PhD at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. During this time, I worked on scalable manufacturing processes for architected materials, including morphing airframes, extremal origami metamaterials to replace foams and honeycombs, and active materials for hydrodynamic flow control. You can read my thesis here or watch my defense here. I also taught at MIT and in Fab Labs around the world.

Before MIT, I worked at Otherlab, developing analytical and computational tools for advanced manufacturing and energy technologies.

My CV is available here, and a current publication list is available through Google scholar.

When not in the lab or workshop, I enjoy spending time on trails or in the kitchen.

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SEC, 2020